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Playing Build a Bridge: A Basic Gameplay Guide

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An innovative puzzle physics-based game as complex as Build a Bridge will require some skills in engineering and improvising. As a beginner, you might be a little confused as to how you can start playing this game. Hence, we made this free basic guide just for you.

Focus On Triangles

The triangle shape will guide the start of your construction. Building bridges or roads with triangles provides better support for your structure. Equilateral triangles and scalene triangles should be your go-to shapes, but you can modify them as needed.

Plan Your Grade

The grade is everything in Build a Bridge and it’s one of the things you must know upon starting the game. Different factors such as heights and slopes will present themselves at certain levels. These factors will create various inclinations. When you build bridges according to such specifications, you must keep in mind that higher grades need better support. Better support will in turn require you to use expensive materials. If the incline you build did not work out, try adjusting the grade, and test it out.


Build A Bridge PC Game


Always Consider Cheap Materials

As you progress through the game, you will be introduced to newer and sturdier types of materials. These new materials will possess more strength and can even be longer in size. However, these materials will cost more. Everytime you are in the planning and building phase, you must consider using the cheapest materials first. This is where your knowledge in physics and skills in strategy can come in handy. You also have to be creative and resourceful in coming up with a good design. Most of all, only use high-cost materials when your structure really needs extra support.

Use Ramps For Cost-Efficiency

If you are building your bridge on a tight budget, you should consider using ramps. Building 3-star bridges all the way across the rift may appear unworkable because it most likely is. So to lower your construction costs, start using or building ramps to catapult vehicles across your structure.

You will most certainly get through each level without breaking a sweat after reading these tips. So download and play Build a Bridge on your PC and try these out now! If you think you are not an engineering prodigy or a physics wizard for that matter, don’t worry, we have more gameplay guides and tips for you in our knowledge base.