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Build a Bridge Game: 3 Tips You Need to Know

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Puzzle game fans love the challenges that Build a Bridge offers. The main objective is to find a solution on how you can transport vehicles across one side of the rift to the other. Improvisation skills are important to win this game, as well as strategy and budget management.

The game might sound easy with its “build a bridge and let a car cross” mechanic. But don’t let this fool you, since the game utilizes realistic engineering mechanics and uses the laws of physics, it can be very tricky. Don’t worry, we can help you ease into the game.

Take Your Time

Build a Bridge does not have time limits. Players are free to put their heads together for as long as needed before constructing bridges. Try to focus and decide on what you will do before starting your build. Consider the topography, vehicles, available materials, and study them thoroughly. Don’t worry if you commit mistakes, you can always undo them.


Build A Bridge Guide


The first thing you must do when starting a level is to scan, check, and consider the things that are readily available to you. This includes the type of vehicle that would cross the bridge and the materials and budget that are available to you. Keep in mind that heavier vehicles need stronger support, so always consider these factors!

Less is More

Using certain materials has particular limits, so do not use all of them in one go. You will be given a certain budget for materials per level. The less budget and materials you consume after completing the bridge will reward you with more stars. So aim to complete each level with fewer resources used or spent.

Sandbox Mode

For every level you clear, you will get access to a Sandbox Mode where you can practice building and improvising your structures. Sandbox Mode allows you to do whatever you want and even test out new structures and designs.

If you are unsure of the structure you built, you can try making a base underneath it for better support. You can opt for better materials, but make sure you place them in the right spots so they won’t go to waste.

The last tip we can give you is this—explore structures, experiment with different designs, and enjoy the game at your own pace. This game is not a highly-competitive one where you should face off against enemies or such, so don’t rush. Take your time and think about how best you can build a bridge structure for the lineup of vehicles at every level. Download Build A Bridge on PC and test your own creativity.